Lurpak recently launched a new range of flavoured butters in the UK, Lurpak Infusions, the best way to deliver exciting authentic flavours to any creation.  As a result we were briefed to create a digital campaign that helps to launch the 3 new products by showing how you can bring instant flavour to sandwiches with ease by simply just spreading the flavour. Giving you confidence to make great tasting sandwiches time after time.


We decided to create a launch video to help drive awareness showing how easy it can be to add flavour to sandwiches. The aim of the video was to use freestyle sleight of hand to help the process feel slick and speed up the transition between each sandwich. This video consisted of 3 sandwiches, one for each flavour, with each sandwich highlighting complimentary flavours and ingredients. We started by storyboarding every transition, using hand movements to bring to life the process of making the sandwich and help transition between each scene. 

The master video showcased all 3 flavours but we also created 15-second individual edits for each of the flavours. The videos were shot from a consistent angle, allowing for consistency across the range whilst keeping the focus on the sandwich and hands at all time.


The video was also supported with social content that helped to educate food lovers about the ways in which Lurpak Infusions can be used, whilst empowering them to get in the kitchen and create. The posts combined stunning food photography with copy highlighting each of the flavours key tastes.​​​​​​​

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